Configuring Fuse- Basics

Adding Users


Users are added as new user on new line as java properties file syntax


Role Based Authentication deserves its own separate post and is available from 6.2 on-wards only



Editing name of Container


each karaf instance can be given name by which later we can refer to container. This will be useful when we are running in Fabric based environment.


Changing HAWTIO port

As we have seen in previous chapter Fuse comes with cool browser based console . All the task that can be done using command line can also be done using HAWTIO console. This console by default runs on 8181 port. To make hawtio run on particular port wer have to edit org.osgi.service.http.port  property in below file.


Change org.osgi.service.http.port property  to any desired unoccupied port.


Adding Maven Repository and Settins.xml

As Fuse artifacts will be installed mostly from Maven repository, Fuse should know the path of Maven repository and settings.xml





2 thoughts on “Configuring Fuse- Basics

    • Below are the Roles you can use except admin.
      manager,viewer,Monitor, Operator, Maintainer, Deployer, Auditor, Administrator, SuperUser

      The roles based access management has taken effect from 6.2.1 on wards.


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