Configuring Fuse- Basics

Adding Users


Users are added as new user on new line as java properties file syntax


Role Based Authentication deserves its own separate post and is available from 6.2 on-wards only



Editing name of Container

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Apache Karaf

Apache karaf is OSGi based runtime.
It is where our bundles (OSGi components) run. Fuse uses apache karaf as its OSGi container to make run bundles which collaborate to provide business functionality. So in order to understand fuse we have to understand karaf.

Apache karaf is very small and lightweight OSGi container which runs OSGi bundles ( components which make up our application).

It is built on Felix and  equinox which are OSGi framework.

Apache karaf

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What is ESB ?

ESB in its simplest form is a software architecture model which allows multiple application to communicate.

Nothing great about it?

What if those application were developed in different ages using different technologies? Like some in C, C++, Java etc. and nightmare is not over yet what if everyone needs their input data in their own format and produces output in their own format?What if every application resides on different hosts?

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